Chinese New Year x Birthday Celebration

February 08, 2017

Finally, I'm able to write a long post for my blog. Though this one is kinda long overdue, I need to post this because sayang ng pictures! Haha!

So, last January 28, as we all know is Chinese New Year. It was a holiday so I don't have work and which happens to be my birthday as well. My friends wanted to go to Binondo to experience the celebration of Chinese New Year and do a photowalk and pig out. I never tried to go to Binondo on Chinese New Year, so why not go and celebrate my birthday there?

We decided the night before to go as early as 7AM so we'll have more time to explore the place and also to avoid the crowd. But of course, we love being Filipinos so we left at around 9 and reached Binondo at 10 AM. Haha!

First thing we did was to look for a Dragon Dance performance. There were a lot actually so it wasn't hard to look for them and do some photo ops. There were also so many press people, professional photographers, street performers and bloggers, I guess. It was fun exploring the place. It was so lively, colorful, perfect weather and I had the feeling it was going to be one of the best birthday celebrations I ever had.

Binondo Dragon Dance

Binondo Dragon Dance

Like I said, it wasn't hard to look for Dragon Dance performances. They were all over Binondo during Chinese New Year.

More Dragon Dance performers?

kids dragon dance made of cardboard boxes

kids dragon dance made of cardboard boxes

These kids are truly amazing! They made a dragon out of cardboard boxes and fabric scraps and earned a few pennies for their performance! Creative!

At around 11:00 or 11:30 AM, we were already hungry. It was time to pig out! We didn't know yet where to eat so my friend, Kerby looked for recommendations online and we found this place:

It's called Wai Ying Fastfood. There wasn't a long queue when we got there because I guess we were early but we had to wait since the place was full. We took that as a positive sign that the place serves really good food, so we waited. And guess what, we were not disappointed as you can see on their faces:


Here are some of the dishes that we ordered:

LOL! I forgot what it's called and I didn't take note. I guess it's a chicken noodle soup ordered by my boyfie.

My favorite chicken feet!

You should try their Duck/Asado with rice! The duck was so tasty and I think it is their best seller.

I guess we spent 300+ Php per head for this lunch. It's because we bought a lot of side dishes but if you're on a tight budget you can cut that down by just buying their rice meal. Reasonable, right?

After lunch, we continued to stroll down the streets of Binondo, took a lot of photos, watch more street performances and more.

Si ateng, ginalingan. XD

My feet were sore walking and we were hungry again so we searched for a place to eat. There was this popular restaurant where they serve delicious dim-sum but the line was too long and we couldn't wait that much. So we searched for another place. We found Quik Snack!

TIP: Make sure you have mobile data because Google Maps is your best buddy to show you around.

They serve noodles mostly. I ordered their Batchoy with Sate Sauce. Sate makes it spicy. That's just it. Haha! But it was tasty! I couldn't finish it though because the serving was generous.

My boyfie ordered this beef stir-fried noodles with Sate Sauce and talaba. The waiter was a bit surprised with the combination. Beef with Talaba! Haha! Apparently, my boyfie has a weird taste.

Yay! Happy tummy!

After eating, it rained, so we went to the mall, strolled a bit then went home. I had so much fun that day and I want to explore Manila more and document all of it. Good thing, I have kaladkarin friends who are always willing to go out and explore. Haha!

I guess I will have to end my post because I'm sleepy. LOL! I'll just post more shots that I captured below.

Meet my Bes:


Thanks for dropping by! 'Till next post! Hopefully, soon! :D

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