First Post

February 02, 2017

New Year, new blog! After a very long time, I decided to create a new blog again. I was not able to maintain my old domain on Tumblr and I was too lazy to do so. Now, I've switched to blogger, mainly because, there are a lot of Themes that are perfect for me and it's free! But eventually, I'm planning to buy the domain again. Another reason why I decided to put up a blog is because, I got a new camera. Yay! It's Fujifilm X-A3. Not a pro though but I really want to learn photography. Good thing I have a lot of friends who are also into it and they've been generous enough to share their knowledge with me. I'm learning the basics and hopefully I can create my own style in the future.

That's all for now! More posts coming! ^^,

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