Kerby's Housewarming x Birthdays Celebration

February 12, 2017

My birthday celebration isn't over yet! Since not all of my friends were able to come with us in our Binondo adventure, and since Kerby (my famous friend. Haha!) was also planning a housewarming party for his new house, we decided to have a combined mini celebration. This is also a celebration of Pia, Roy, Kuya George and Kuya Boy's birthday who all contributed to buy our drinks. All in one! Para tipid! LOL!

Ate Mina (the Queen Mother of our group XD), prepared this cute table setup at Kerby's house. I was really excited because it was my first time to visit Kerby in his new house.

As expected of an artist's house and knowing Kerby, the interior was clean and minimal. The gray, white and wood motif was spot on for a bachelor's pad. My favorite piece, aside from his PS4 (Haha!), was this wooden deer shelf. 

The view from his office was also breathtaking.

Oops, wrong photo! Eto pala. Haha!

Especially, at night.

Once we were complete, everyone started to eat while I was still busy playing. Gaming over food! Haha!

Thanks Kerbs for our food and place and Ate Mina for the delicious cupcakes for dessert! We ordered from Ambers. The barbecue, spaghetti and Chopseuy were so good but I didn't like their chicken. It was bland.

Get-togethers like this wouldn't be complete without a drinking session. The boys and Mhel (our model friend. Haha!), bought Red Label for the boys and T-Ice and Smirnoff for the girls.

Red label with the homeowner, Kerby. ^

The tanggero. ^

And here's my favorite drink, Smirnoff:

If you hate the bitter taste of beer and hard drinks like me, this is the best drink for you! Way, way better than T-Ice. I can only drink 2 though. I feel tipsy if I drink more and I don't really want to get drunk because it has happened before and it wasn't a good experience. It's a long story and it's embarrassing. LOL!

So while having our drinks, we took turns playing Mortal Kombat with Kerby's PS4. Our rule was change the loser since it's a versus mode. 

Everyone obviously had fun! Kerby's place was really nice and I guess we'll be having more get-togethers like this in his condo. I plan to try the pool next time. Hahaha! 

To wrap it up, here's a group picture of my sweeeg friends:

Of course I'm not in there 'cause who would be taking the photo? LOL!

Thanks for reading! 'Til next post! ^^,

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