Skin Care X Skin Asthma Battle

February 15, 2017


January, my birth month hasn't been so good to me. I've been dealing with a lot of health issues lately and stress got the best of me.

Early January, I noticed rashes on my skin particularly at the back of my knee, back of my elbow, neck and near my inner thighs. It was too itchy, it wouldn't let me sleep at night. I lost 2 kilos because I couldn't eat well worrying, couldn't sleep because of itchiness and stress was making it worse.

That's when I decided to visit a dermatologist. My dermatologist was Dr. Corrina Mae Tiu-Dy of Makati Med. She was really nice and pretty too. I just told her my symptoms and showed my rashes, she knew immediately that I am suffering from skin asthma. I was too worried to ask what the cause is because she might say it's from my cats. Thankfully, it's not.

She said that skin asthma is in my genes and it just got triggered because the cold weather is drying my skin and if I'm stressed, it might have contributed to it.

She asked me what soap am I using and told her, Kojic Soap which she strongly recommended that I should stop using it immediately because it's making my skin dry, aggravating my skin asthma. She gave me a mild cleanser soap with Coco Betaine and Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate as active ingredients. It's a liquid soap that I should apply all over my body. I use it on my face as well. Makes my skin feel soft and moisturized.

Luckily my face was spared and I didn't have that much rashes on it. After taking a bath, I need to apply Sorbolene Moisturizer all over my body. She also prescribed a topical cream to be applied to the affected areas plus oral antihistamine to minimize the itchiness.

Just after a week of medication, I saw a drastic improvement on my skin. My rashes were starting to fade, though there are a bit of pigmentation which the doctor said is expected as it's just like a wound. It would leave a scar but she gave me a cream that lightens the affected areas.

The medication is for one week but the soap and lotion need to be maintained. I'm no longer allowed to use harsh whitening soaps that make skin dry. However, the soap and lotion from her clinic are really expensive so I did some research for alternatives.

Moisturizing hypoallergenic and organic products are recommended. Good thing that there are a lot of stores here in Manila that offer organic beauty products so it won't be hard for me to look for those. Moisturizers with Coconut Oil are mostly suggested so I might try it after finishing my Sorbolene Cream.

Hopefully, the pigmentations that my skin asthma left would fade away soon. Summer is coming and it would be hard to look for swim suits that will cover them. Haha!


I also want to share in this post how I take care of my face. My daily regimen includes really mild products. I'm no longer a big fan of harsh soaps and creams. As much as possible, I stay away from them.

Here's my night facial regimen:

1. Cleanse. Wash face with hypoallergenic cleanser. Celeteque is a good product. If you can find a mild organic cleanser, that's great too.

2. Tone. I use Witch Hazel toner which I bought from Healthy Options. Best toner I've tried. It's organic and alcohol-free so it's safe to use. Just right after using it, you can really feel your pores tighten.

Even my boyfriend uses it. He used to have white heads on his nose but after using Witch Hazel, there was a big improvement on his skin and it minimized his white heads.

Aside from those I mentioned, here are some benefits of Witch Hazel:
  • Fades bruises and blemishes
  • Brightens dark spots around eyes
  • Shrinks swollen veins
  • Ease pain from bug bites and stings
For more Witch Hazel benefits, click here.

3. Moisturize. Moisturizing your skin before sleeping really makes a difference. Waking up in the morning with your face moisturized leaves your skin feeling soft and firm. I use Celeteque Matte Moisturizer with SPF 30. This is actually a day cream but I don't wanna use another type of cream at night since I'm already comfortable with this product. It's up to you if you want to use a night cream instead.

I also use the same moisturizer during the day to protect my skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

4. Once a week or twice a month, use a face mask. It helps hydrate your skin keeping it moisturized and soft. I love the ones from Face Shop.

We all have different skin types so I'm not sure if this will work for everyone but since most of the products I use are either organic or hypoallergenic, I think they're safe to use. It is still best though to consult a specialist if you have some serious skin problems.

Brands I stay away from? Pond's, Olay, Eskinol. I had breakouts with Pond's. I feel itchy with Olay and Eskinol is just too harsh for me. Though for some, these products may do wonders but I guess for people with sensitive skin like me, try to stay away from these brands. 

One lesson I learned from my battle with skin asthma is, healthy skin is better than fairer skin. Do not compromise the health of your skin by using harsh whitening products. Also, be diligent in taking care of your skin. Just imagine how Koreans take care of theirs. They have 10-12 steps EVERY freaking night for their facial regimen. I only have 4 here, so what's your excuse? :D

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Hope my tips are helpful and informative. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with me! :) 

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