February 23, 2017

Oh, how I love Makati on Sundays! No traffic, no rush hour, no long lines. Last Sunday, my friends and I decided to go to Art Fair PH 2017 at The Link in Makati City. I was pretty much excited because it was my first time going to the annual Art Fair.

To make the most of the Fair, we decided to start from Makati Med and walk the Dela Rosa walkway where there were ceiling and wall arts along the way. Perfect for an Instagram photo! Like what my friends would say, "Instagrammable!".

Luckily when we got to The Link, there was only a short line going to the 5th floor where the Art Fair was held. I guess we were early.

Inside, there were already a lot of people enjoying the Fair, savoring the creative ambience these awesome artworks offer.

These are only a few of the many artworks displayed during the Art Fair. Captured only those that stood out for me.

The sculptures and 3D works were also amazing!


We didn't stay that long and were already hungry so we went out early to eat. I wanted to eat somewhere I've never been to and we found this restaurant in Greenbelt called Soi.

I ordered Tom Yum, a Thai noodle soup dish. It was pretty good if you're into Asian foods. It was a bit pricey but you kinda get what you pay for. 

Haha! I don't know what they're talking about. I just like how dramatic this photo is. LOL! (Shout out to Kerby and Gian, my gala  buddies. Haha!)

After eating we explored Makati a little bit more. We were in the verge of going back home when we saw a long line near Ayala Museum where Mark Justiniani's "The Settlement" was setup. We were curious because the setup was like a big box installed in the middle of an open space. You have to go inside to appreciate the artwork so we fell in line.

We waited for a few minutes and we were not disappointed. We liked it and I would say, it was my most favorite piece of art in all of the artworks in the gallery.

Your eyes are fooling you. That's a miniature table setting. It's as small as a doll's house dining set.

Inside was full of glasses and mirrors to create infinite illusion. It was a bit scary to step on the floor because, you would feel a little bit Acrophobic because of the infinite illusion it creates.

We only had two minutes to appreciate everything so I only took a few photos.

I'm now looking forward to attend next year's art fair and make this an annual thing. I think it's the frustrated artist in me that urges me to go to Art Fairs and visit museums. Hehe!

Thanks for dropping by! Hope I can post soon. Been really busy lately!


PS: We saw Christian Bautista but I was too shy to take a photo! Haha!

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