Weekend Getaway X Liwliwa Zambales

April 11, 2017

This is a post long overdue. But as the overused saying says, "It's better late than never." LOL! Anyways, March was the start of summer season here in the Philippines. It's the season when you start feeling like there's a waterfalls under your arm. HAHA!

Kidding aside, it's the season when the mermaid in me awakens and the urge to go to the sea is too strong that even the harsh waves of Liwliwa can't stop me. (char!)

March 12-13, my friends and I planned to officially start the summer season by booking a 1-night, 2-day stay in Zambales. None of us knows how to surf, maybe some have tried once or twice, but no one's a pro or even a hobbyist. But still, we wanted to go because the place has many good reviews and some of us have been there too.

Liwliwa is known as a surfer's haven but I bet some of you haven't heard of it. You'd think of Baler first when surfing in the Philippines comes up. I think that's a good thing. Not saying that the place doesn't deserve to be as popular as Baler. It's just that, it's the best thing about it. It's not too crowded, it's not noisy, it's relaxing, basic lifestyle, away from the city, cheap but good food and a great place for soul searching.

Any travel post won't be complete without a budget breakdown, tips and itinerary. However, this is just a 2-day vacation and we didn't need an itinerary. With a budget of 2000 PHP per head, we managed to enjoy and survive. There were 13 of us and we rented two vans for our transport. You can also take the bus but I'm not so sure how to go there by taking a public transpo.

After traveling for more than 4 hours, we reached Zambales. Liwliwa is situated in San Felipe, Zambales. It was easy to access and an easy getaway from the chaotic Metro Manila.

We stayed at Board Culture, one of the many resorts in Liwliwa. I like the place. It was hot in the morning but really cold during the night. Food is good too! But if you want a cheaper place to eat, try Aling Fely's. They serve affordable meal if you're on a budget.

I can't describe anymore how awesome the place is. I'll just let the photos speak for itself:

*Scroll 'til the end for a sweet surprise.. ^_^

The sceneries were breathtaking.

This is Beauty, our dog guide. It's from the other resort but she stayed with us. :)

Vacation is more fun when you're with awesome people!

I mentioned that none of us is a surfer but they rented a skim board and the boys seem hooked! I tried it myself but no luck. LOL!

Best shot nya na yan. LOL!

But the girls are competitive....

The mandatory beach back shot for Instagram. HAHA!

^Si Ellen Adarna nga pala. HAHAHAHA

The downside of the beach is, because the waves are too strong, it isn't ideal for swimming. But you can still have fun! Just go a little far away from the shore if you want to enjoy the waves and swim with it. If you're unlucky, you'll be like us....

HAHAHAHA! The struggle is real!

Stargazing is a must! So make sure to bring your tents!

And the sweet surprise! 

Hope you enjoyed guys! 

* Thanks to Gian Bautista for the vid and my sunset photo!
* GoPro shots courtesy of Kerby Rosanes. :)

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  1. ang galing,Wella!
    nice shot, Kerbs! Ang ganda ng Video, Gian!